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Electric Panel Heaters and Radiators – for Kitchen, Garden Rooms, Conservatories, Entrance Halls and all around the home

Quite often when people are improving their home they will not wish to "mess around" with their existing plumbing - adding on radiators etc - often because the existing boiler is at its limit or the costs are prohibitive. These are of course not the only reasons; sometimes an "electric" alternative is just preferable all round.

These electric radiators have been particularly popular in conservatories - but in recent times there are increasingly being used in the home, often as additional heating but sometimes as "stand alone" heating solutions. Kitchens, Home Offices, Entrance Halls, Bedrooms and all around the home can benefit for this economical easy to install heating solution. Conservatory Furnishings & Interiors supplies all the heaters featured here direct to you, Mail Order - or if you prefer you may order online today.

Heater - PRC 20

The new styles heaters have become a very popular option, with choice of wall mounted and free standing options, this heater with it’s good looks and the choice of power settings, has this made this one of the popular heaters in our range. This heater also has a built in thermostat to ensure additional savings in running costs. This range uses the new Micathermic heating technology which not only provides much more gentle and efficient heat but the heaters also release twice the heating energy of other convectional panels. These heaters conserve electricity and provide more efficient heating power than other convectional panel heaters.

PRC 20 Wall Mounted Heater PRC 20 Freestanding Heater

Chat to one of our agent to find out more about the benefits of these heaters.

Radiant Panel Heaters for Conservatories

Example shows a dwarf wall version (SR model) fitted to a 450mm dwarf wall.

Thermostatic controls for efficiency and economy

Wall Mounted Version - Simple clear controls mounted neatly out of sight.

  • Advanced ceramic element for fast radiant heat.
  • Thermostatic controls for efficiency and economy.
  • No blowers to raise dust - ideal for asthma sufferers.
  • No burning of oxygen - so no stuffiness or drowsiness.
  • Full CCA &: CE approval.
  • Safe surface touch temperature.
  • 13-amp plug and 1.6 metres of cable supplied.
  • Simple wall mounting kit supplied, (2 hooks &: 1 bracket).
  • Can be used with plug-in timers.
  • 2 Year Guarantee.
  • Order by phone, fax or post - pay by credit/debit card or cheque. Delivery by courier within 7 working days (UK mainland - other areas by quotation).
  • Prices include VAT and delivery - you only pay the price shown.
  • Simple clear controls mounted neatly out of sight
  • Three sizes available

Also available as a free standing model – again in three different sizes PRC Model


Solar Range

Wall Mounted Model Power output (watts) Prices
SR -02 [Now Obsolete] 1000 £-
SR -03 1250 £141.99
PRC 20 750/1250/2000 settings £146.99

Golden Range

Free Standing Model Power output (watts) Prices
PNL-11 [Now Obsolete] 1200 £-
PNL-111 [Now Obsolete] 1800 £-
PRC 20 750/1250/2000 settings £146.99

Heating requirements calculator:
Recommended Power needed (watts) = Floor area x 200
e.g. 3m x 4m = 12sq.m x 200 = 2400 watts or 2.4 KW.

Suitable heaters are either the 2 x SR-03 or 2 x PRC20

This figure can be reduced by up to 25% depending on your location in the UK, the aspect of your room and whether you have in the case of conservatories, sun blinds fitted. If you have a south / south west facing room in a sheltered location in the southern half of the UK you can apply a reduction of 10 - 15%.

The electric radiant panel heaters supplied by Conservatory Furnishings & Interiors will heat up your room in just a few minutes using advanced ceramic plaque technology developed for the space shuttle. Night storage and underfloor systems will not do this and tend to waste heat by being on when you don't need them or take a long time to heat up to a comfortable temperature.

Electric radiant panel heaters won't blow dust and pollen around the room or dry the air so much as to cause stuffiness and drowsiness and their thermostats will control the temperature to your requirement. Running costs can be calculated by taking your electricity supplier's cost per kilowatt hour for the first hour (usually about 6p - 7p) and multiplying that by the power output of the heater. The room will be up to your required temperature well before the first hour has passed. Subsequent hours will be costed at 30% less as the thermostat will switch the heater off for part of the time. Of course everyone’s conservatory and location is different so these calculations can only be a guide.

TIP - Buy the largest heater you can afford, you can always turn the heat down but you cannot turn it up beyond the heater's capacity.

Typical Sizes:

SR - 03 = 1200mm (3'11") wide x height of 280 mm x depth of 65 mm (best selling size)

To request Free Brochure and details of how to order Click Here


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