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DIY Kitchens - Preparation

DIY kitchen planner: Stage 1 – Remove the existing kitchen

DIY Kitchens You should certainly consider removing the old kitchen cupboards, appliances and worktops at least a few days before the new kitchen is set to be installed.

Everything is pretty straight forward and it’s often simply a case of unscrewing the cupboards. Because of the manual labour involved in DIY kitchens, it is always worth having a helping hand from a friend or relative.

One thing is to consider is fitting an angled washing machine valve to the cold water supply for filling the kettle whilst you’re without a sink.

DIY kitchen planner: Stage 2 – Checking the plumbing and electricity

This is a priority before any plastering takes place, as you don’t want to realise you need an extra plug socket when the walls have set. DIY Kitchens have the need for many plugs and you’ll need to find space for the oven, washing machine, fridge, dishwater, microwave and more.

This makes prior planning crucial to the design of your DIY kitchen and any potential footfalls should be highlighted well in advance.

Remember, if there are any gas alterations that need to be made, you must use a Corgi registered professional who is also on the Gas Safe list. Using someone unaccredited could lead to major problems later down the line and may even compromise your safety.

DIY kitchen planner: Stage 3 – Check the condition of the kitchen walls

Once the old kitchen has been removed you’ll be able to see the state of your existing plaster. Ignoring this completely will lead to an unsatisfying finish and you’ll only end up spoiling the end look by not repairing any damage.

Simply covering over holes and cracks with tiles will cause further problems later down the line with your DIY kitchens, so it’s best to have the walls replastered or filled.

Remember to leave the walls time to dry after you’ve taken action and plaster can take up to seven days to be fully dried out. Filling in the cracks with putty can also take up to 24 hours to dry.

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