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Kitchen Cabinets

Because cabinet doors are the face of the kitchen, it will be very important that you choose a finish you want to look at for quite a number of years. Keep in mind that, whichever material you choose to use for your cabinets, durability and low maintenance have to be the key to your choice.

As most of the cabinet carcasses nowadays are made of chipboard, the only thing you have to worry about is the finish of the cabinet doors. First of all it is important to choose which material you want to use for the cabinet doors. In this section, the different finishes and their possibilities will be explained.


Image courtesy of Aimlight Kitchens, South WalesIf you choose for wood, will you go for solid wood or wood veneer? The latter is cheaper and is less under the influence of weather conditions. The humidity and temperature outside have an effect on your solid wooden kitchen doors, but the biggest influence comes from the changes in temperature and humidity due to your kitchen activities. Besides that, veneer will also give more uniformity, as a piece of wood is cut in thin strips to cover all the doors.

Wood itself is available in all kinds of colours, but it can also be glossed, painted, colour washed or waxed to give it the finish you prefer. Have a little look through our gallery to give yourself a few ideas.


Image courtesy of Aimlight Kitchens, South WalesEven more than wood, laminate cupboard doors have endless possibilities in colour, texture and shine. You can go for a soft look with creamy colours and a matt finish or, if you want to make a real statement, choose for the Italian style with shining fronts and bold colours. Especially in this style the choice of handles and other finishes will really set the kitchen off. 

A great advantage of laminate cupboards is that they are virtually maintenance-free. Wood needs a lot of love and attention as it is a natural product and prone to changes in temperature and humidity, but laminate only needs the occasional wipe or two and it is clean again. Whereas laminate worktops might not be the best choice in the long run, laminate cupboard doors suffer from a lot less wear and tear and will stay fresh for a good number of years. 

Other Materials

Image courtesy of Winning Designs South, West SussexWood and laminate will most likely be the basic materials to use for your kitchen cabinet doors. But as already said in the Kitchen planning section, one type of storage and one type of material can look a bit monotonous in a large kitchen. Use for part of your cabinets for example glass doors for protected display of your crockery, or use frosted glass for a concealed, but still open look. Glass will look beautiful in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, whereas frosted glass works best in contemporary kitchens.

Stainless steel is another material used for kitchens, but mostly for worktop and appliances. It gives its own character to your kitchen. It looks clean, shiny and professional. It is easy to keep clean as well and is very durable, but can be very costly. If you choose to use stainless steel for your cupboards, make sure your kitchen doesn't get a clinical feel about it. Try to combine it with wood or a warm colour on the wall.

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